Trip Itineraries

When planning a trip, I look for two things: cultural authenticity and sustainability. Cultural authenticity in my opinion, is one of the most sought-after experiences for many travelers but can vary in scope and even definition. Sustainable forms of accommodation, transport, tours and experiences ensures that your money goes to a place that will benefit local business and ensure that your destination remains a desirable place to visit for future generations.

Cape Horn to Iguazu Falls 
The Best Of Patagonia and the Argentine Littoral

Belgium Beer & Bike Tour 
A Week of Visiting Breweries and WWI & II Sites

48 Hours in Mexico City
The 3 Best Taco Joints in the World and Largest Pyramids in Latin America

Filipino Island Hopping
Two Weeks of Beach Life, Food Culture and Mountain Spirits

Brussels to Belgium by Bike
2700 Kilometers Across Europe For Over Two Months

Two Weeks in Burma
Classic Rangoon, Majestic Stupas, Slow Ferries and the Mighty Irrawaddy

Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia
Night Markets, Ancient Temples and Delicious Food

Navigating the Ithsmus
From Guatemala to Panama By Bus

Heart of the Andes
Ten Days in Ecuador

How to Survive the Wild West
A Week In Jackson Hole, Wyoming

The Mystic Southern Cone
Overland From Argentina, Chile and Peru

Cuba Before The Cruise Ships
The Real Cuba from Havana to Santiago and the Sierra Maestra

Central Mexico
Authentically Austounding Mexico City and the Beauty of Oaxaca

Best of Central America
Belize, Costa Rica and Honduras

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