Friday, November 20, 2009

129 and doin' fine

Yesterday was the birthday (129th) of the City of La Plata, which meant only one thing: TONS of music and celebration in Plaza Moreno. This is the second all-day fiesta I've seen in two months here, the other being the first day of spring.

The sweet smoke of chorizo wafting through the crowd as they sip on their fernet y colas and maté; there is something distinctly carefree and Argentine about blowing off a whole day of work just to hang in the plaza. I checked out a couple pop/rock groups who weren't really that catchy before returning later at night for the fireworks. When I came back, the night vibe had changed, as well as the crowd. There were some folk-type bands playing tributes to some of the greats like Mercedes Sosa and Victor Jara. These didn't mix well with Metalero Oscar, who was quick to label them as "yanqui hippy music." Still trying to figure out the difference between "Folk" and "Folklorica," but I'll get back to you on that...

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