Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anthony Bourdain is a Liar

A preface. So I’ve only taken one other stab at trying the infamous Mr. Bourdain’s dining suggestions with no success. After seeing his episode on Uruguay, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with his pick at the Mercado del Puerto. The Port Market is a tantalizing assault on the senses with racks of grilled meat sizzling throughout the day as people dine-in and purchase top choice cuts for asados in the evening (See, I can sound like a pompous ass too!).

After deferring from several other choices, we ended up at “Estancia Del Puerto”. We decided to order the mixed grill plate, which included almost everything on the parilla. The presentation was impressive, but the quality fell just short of the horrible “Argentine” steak I had in Chile (Brent knows what happened). We received a bad cut of beef (which was also overcooked), the chicken was too dry, the lamb was decent, but we were only given a tiny portion.

To make things worse they completely forgot the blood sausage and almost shot our buddy Ellory’s eye out with a champagne cork. I think it was a sign when our waiter slipped out to “go to lunch” before we were even finished. I’m convinced that due to all of their mainstream success, “Estancia Del Puerto” has been able to slack on the quality and continue to suckle at the publicity teat of Mr. Bourdain.

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