Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Confessions of a homestay...overrated?

Alright, so I've lived (at least for a few weeks at a time) in my share of places on this earth, but have somehow always managed to avoid a local homestay for some reason or another. Having had my fair share of travelers chastise me for not having taken advantage at "the ultimate cultural endeavor," I bit this time for Argentina and went for the homestay.

A preface, to explain my trepidation of homestays: I'm a pretty independent guy, I'm used to cooking 90% of my meals and actually enjoy it (some even say it's a form of meditation). So that's been a downside, especially given the Argentine propensity for the starchy foods and lack of spicyness.

The second thing is, I've never been keen of another set of parents; I mean, I can barely stay in touch with the ones I have now and for the most part, they have priority. More on this later.

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