Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween in BsAs

So for the weekend, I headed out to BsAs for my bi-monthly lifeline of some quality Yanqui time with my 5 college buddies living in Palermo. The break from Spanish is obviously nice, as are the spicy food and American Football that come with hanging with gringos. And hey, one of them works for the "Buenos Aires Pub Crawl," so we had our Halloween festivities taken care of.

So I saddled up alongside ninja, ducky, hoopster, beach bum, grim reaper (on crutches) and "backwards man" and we headed to the Pub Crawl. Doing a pub crawl in BsAs is like...well, a pub crawl in the US for that matter: beer, dancing, hiinks on the way to the next club and of course, being loud and obnoxious in the street. Everyone who worked there was speaking English, along with the 95% of tourists who are from English speaking countries.

The interesting part were the Colombians (about 7 or 8) who made up the total Latin American contingent of the Pub Crawl. Colombians are great to talk to as they usually have a better opinion of Yanquis AND speak my preferred type of Spanish (very clearly and with a neutral accent). As I'll be going to Colombia in January, I will devote some postings to current events in Colombia as well as other musings of what's going on with Latin America.

To top off my gringo weekend, we ended up at one of two sports bars in the city that show American Football on Sundays. Since my team (Seahawks) seem to be having a stinker of a year, it's easier for me to be less involved in Football and just have fun watching the games. My friend Ellery, happens to be from Minnesota and has been going to one of these two bars every Sunday to cheer on his 7-1 Vikings. Makes me kind of glad the Seahawks aren't doing better, as I can now focus on having some level of productivity on Sundays.

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