Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Health NUTS!

Spray…(cough) Spray Spray…(cough, cough). What’s that? Oh just my host mother killing ONE, yes one solitary fly with an industrial-sized can of RAID. When I ask why she doesn't use a flyswatter, she replies, “well I already bought this!”

Same disregard for health concerns at my work. Every day for lunch, we reuse the same plastic water bottle instead of a pitcher; haven’t these people ever heard of BPA poisoning?? I know we are an environmental company but do we really have to reuse the same plastic (disposable) cups after they have had piping HOT coffee inside of them? When I point this out I am met with the same blank stare I’ve received when asking for a stainless steel water bottle at the store. “But it’s more expensive,” they say, “and besides, isn’t BPA poisoning just a theory?” Right man, that’s just what they said about global warming…

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