Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pu(n)ta Lara

Today my Chilean buddy Cristian and I rode bikes down to Punta Lara, a coastal town about 20 km from La Plata. The locals in La Plata endearingly call it "Puta Lara," due to the low regards they hold for the folks who live out there and the level of trash on the beach.

The road was terrible, there were cracks everywhere, much more than my beat-up beach cruiser was designed to take. Since it was Sunday, as soon as we got 6 km outside of town, there were Argentines posted up in beach chairs all along the highway, blasting Cumbia music from their cars, drinking maté and cruisin' for babes. Ironically, this scene, which I would have expected ON the beach was nonexistent when we reached the shores of Punta Lara.

A few family picnics were underway and we walked down a long pier to check out the fishing action. The beach was actually a bit cleaner than the streets of the City of La Plata, leading me to believe that the Pu(n)ta Lara bias was more based in economic or classist discrimination. Either way, I'm going to try and make it back for an asado before I leave, just as soon as I don't have to take my bike.

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