Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Dog's Dream

Last night, my roommate and I headed to a funky little theater in midtown Rosario to check out "El Sueño del Perro." It was for the River Parana what Once Upon A Time in the West was for the American West. Some of the best cinematography I've ever seen, these long sweeping shots of the river, filled with lush tropical foliage from Northern Argentina. There was probably less than 100 words of dialogue, which might have even been too much considering the breathtaking scenery.

The director also relied on a clever use of sound, at times the entire theater (half full of Argentines) was deadly silent; then music would creep in panning from left to right. It was like I was right there pasando tiempo del rio; transcendental to say the least. The trailer doesn't do the film any justice, but if you can find a copy (or better yet a theater with it) it's a must see. Here's a still:

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