Monday, December 21, 2009

Pobrecito Pincha Rata

My adopted Argentine soccer team, La Plata's "Pincha Rata" Estudiantes, made it all the way to the FIFA Club World Cup only to lose to the powerhouse, Barcelona. The veteran journeyman, Juan "la bruja" Veron, finally cashed in on his signature move by booting a long shot to Diaz, who sent it to Bocelli for the go ahead goal. The stunned Barca, whose star-studded payroll is about twenty times greater than Estudiantes', scrambled to tie the score in the 89th minute.

The dagger in the heart came when Argentine superstar Lionel Messi scored for Barca in the 110th minute for an exhilarating finish. For Estudiantes, who won back in the Sixties, beating Barca would have been like a AAA baseball team beating the New York Yankees in the World Series. Even more interesting is the fact that Messi has played far below his abilities while playing for Argentina's national team during the World Cup qualifiers. Living here has really gotten me more up on fútbol fever, it's a shame the club season is over; I guess now the focus is on 2010. Anyone headed to South Africa next summer?

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