Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Room With A View

I actually do have a decent view of Calle Zeballos if I push aside the antique baroque shutters and step out onto the balcony. The 5-room townhouse/apartment complex was purchased in 2007 by Pepe the Spaniard, who had the foresight to sell his home in Barcelona at pre-Economic Crisis prices and purchase property here in Rosario.

For one thing, it's nice just to be living on my own again. Having an extra large room is nice but being able to cook whatever I want whenever I want is something I've been missing for the past 4 months. The location of the Apt is pretty good too, it's about 12 blocks from the "micro center," ie. the big swanky downtown section of the city. Oh and I almost forgot the best part, the price: 900 pesos a month which comes out to roughly $230 dollars. Giddy up, I may stay here a while.

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