Saturday, April 10, 2010


First time back on U.S. soil since August of last year. Some initial adjustments have to do with everything being BIGGER and FASTER here. I also feel like people are generally more agitated, no doubt something to do with the economic state of things. Luckily I've been eating better than ever: Thai, Phó, Japanese, Mexican; everything I've been lacking in variety and the quality is just something cities like LA, NY and Mexico City can only provide.

The first Thai restaurant I stopped at was a perfect reintroduction to LA. Some screenwriters in the corner arguing how to make the perfect pitch, a washed-up former B-list starlet drinking wine by the bar and some "account executives" fresh out of college taking advantage of the lunch specials.

The spiciness of the jade curry I've just ordered invades my senses like a roundhouse kick of Asian chilies and coconut milk; washed down with the exotic flavors of an iced tea impossible to come by in South America. Yet, the scene still bothers me. Everybody in the restaurant seems like they are in a hurry and/or upset. The waitress brings me the check a minute after taking my plate (a feat at least 20 minutes in Colombia). I'm satiated with curry goodness, though still a bit culture shocked. Regardless, the fantastic dining options of LA are one aspect making my adjustment back to life here (for the time being) that much more bearable.

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