Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Almost There

I’ve been working on a pretty serious project here in Medellín over the past few months that has been consuming nearly every waking minute. Unfortunately, for business reasons, I cannot discuss the project in full just yet; but I’ll let you know that it has to do with tourism and will most certainly require my living in Colombia for the next couple of years.

That being said, a Colombian visa has been one of the many matters I’ve been dealing with. I had to renew my tourist visa the other day for the 2nd time. The first time I went to the DAS (see: Welcome to Medellín, Pt II ), it was a little bit of a challenge, but this time it was a breeze. Being that they had all of my information in their database, I simply showed up and an hour later, I had another month extension to stay in the country. However, I’m rapidly approaching 6 months on my tourist visa so I need a semi-resident visa to stay and work here. With the exception of the year-long student visa, you need to apply for a work visa outside of the country. Rather than take a short flight to Ecuador or Panama, I’m using the opportunity to fly back to LA and make it to a friend’s wedding. As for the project, I’ll keep you all informed and let you know when the time is right.

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