Sunday, November 13, 2011

El Tunco, El Sal

The first thing you hear about El Salvador isn't really good or bad, it's that you don't hear anything at all because it's not the most touristy of places.

El Tunco in La Libertad province has been touted as a surfer's paradise, comparable with beaches in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The town itself is pretty tiny, about 1/4 the size of the Ecuadorian surf mecca, Montañita. The beach has a huge rock in the middle of it, with a beach break to the left and a point break to the right. Jeremiah, being an avid surfer, picked up a board and rushed right in. After examining the choppy sets rolling in, I decided to give it a pass until the next day.

The beach isn't the greatest for lounging about, as it's covered in rocks. Though there are a few beachfront bars with recliners. The most popular accommodations are a bit overpriced: $10 a night to share a "dorm" room (really just a large bedroom with 8 beds spaced no more than a foot apart) seemed pretty ridiculous. As did $40 for a private room. Luckily, we kept walking and asking questions and found a great little surf shack with a shared bathroom (1 for up to 8 rooms unfortunately) for only $14 a night. That's more our style.

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