Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Migrating South

Migrating home is more what it feels like, having spent the majority of my last three years in South America. After a couple months in the US, I felt recharged with massive consumption of my favorite foreign foods and other things unavailable South of the border; I was ready for my vuelta a Colombia.

The return will be extended, as I am traveling with one of my best friends whom I have known since high school, Jeremiah. He's headed down to Colombia to try and set up his personal training and massage business and we've decided to take the long way down. We'll be bussing our way from Guatemala, headed through El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama before hopping a boat to Colombia.

We are in a little bit of a time crunch so my observations on chicken buses, electric showers, strange foods and the like may be limited, but I'll try my best to paint a picture of the region I've only known in a brief visit before. We are also bringing our guitars and have been working on a good repertoire of good songs that will provide the soundtrack to our (as well as new friends') trips in Central America.

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