Tuesday, May 17, 2016

First SummerStage of the Year

With warmer weather beckoning to outdoor activities I always look forward to the live music in Central Park and Prospect Park that begins in late May. For one of the first SummerStage perfomances of this year, it was Portugal the Man and Cage the Elephant. It was a bit windy during the show and the sound guys had some problems getting the sound right. At most outdoor shows I think the sound guys just blast the lows and highs but there are definitely regulations against doing so given the amount of residential buildings closeby.

The sound got better for Cage the Elephant, who strongly resembled the British Invasion groups of the Sixties and Seventies despite being from Knoxville, TN. Their singer was one of the most energetic frontmen I'd seen in a while, resembling a young Mick Jagger at times. Take a look.

Their songs were a bit ecletic, the majority sounding like Sixties revival songs but a few sounded very Nineties like the Weezer-esque song above. They had an Oasis-sounding song as well as one that sounded just like their opener, Portugal the Man.


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