Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BorderLine Propaganda

In the wake of so many U.S. politicians (especially those in AZ) clamoring for greater "border security," it seems that the claim that Mexican drug violence is destabilizing the border regions is simply not true:
The top four big cities in America with the lowest rates of violent crime are all in border states: San Diego, Phoenix, El Paso and Austin, according to a new FBI report. And an in-house Customs and Border Protection report shows that Border Patrol agents face far less danger than street cops in most U.S. cities. 
From "AP Impact: US-Mexico border isn't so dangerous."
 I have colleagues who work closely with border issues who have often vented about how mainstream media often blows the Mexico violence issue completely out of proportion. In fact, my buddy Paul even took on the L.A. Times on its Mexico coverage and got into a little back and forth with their Mexico correspondent. Immigration reform is definitely an important issue that the Obama Administration will have to tackle in the near future. I think the upcoming November elections are reason enough to believe that fearmongering over Mexico, Mexican immigrants and the safety of our borders have more political motivation than anything else.

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