Thursday, November 4, 2010

Revising Expectations, Moving Forward

When we had started converting the house into a hostel in August, it appeared that we were making faster progress than expected; prompting me to set a "grand opening" date sometime in October. One month, three burst pipes and four less workers later, renovations of the Wandering Paisa Hostel are finally coming to a close.

All of our rooms are having a South America theme (as you can tell from Brazil above) as our point is to highlight the diversity and culture of South America within our bedrooms, while at the same time, showcasing some of the local culture of Medellín through public spaces, such as our loft, which has an influence from the famed "Castle of Medellín":

Of the three workers that remain, one is constantly exceeding my expectations with his drive and ingenuity. Don Jorge, who's closest experience with formal training was simply learning by doing, has become the construction Maestro of the house. If it weren't for him, nothing would ever get done, or even last for more than a month so in times like these, it's reassuring to have somebody solid you can count on. In any case, we should be ready to start hosting guests next week so if you know anybody coming to Medellín, please point them to our Website: The Wandering Paisa Hostel.

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