Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wandering Paisa: Now Open

If only it were as easy as clicking on a flourescent neon sign in the front window. Putting up the Christmas lights was almost as satisfying and completed none too soon as Medellín's Xmas Lights Spectacular is now in full swing.

See more pictures at The Wandering Paisa Webpage
 You probably can't read the writing, but we put a "Wandering Paisa" signpost up by the door, just to let people know. All that remains is a little painting and finishing touches throughout the hostel, but we are open to the public and taking reservations. The task of switching from a renovation/decoration frame of mind to logistics and operations is proving challenging as I'm weeding through lists of potential employees and budget projections. There's at least an air of relief having competed this portion of the project; although something tells me I may only have time to catch my breath before charging full speed ahead into the next chapter of the Wandering Paisa.

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